Snoozy Stories is a hub of bedtime stories with a difference. 2020 was a complicated and confusing year for all of us, but even more so for children. On a commute home, I waved at a child and realised they couldn’t see me smile back at them because of my mask. After this, my commute was viewed from the eyes of that child, where I tried to understand what this year must have felt like for them. When tasked with creating a website, I remembered the child on my commute and knew that I had to find a way to make things simpler. 
Through bedtime stories, Snoozy Stories aims to take topics like race, gender and kindness and boils them down into simple bedtime stories for early readers and their carers. If reading is not a child’s strong point, the website comes fully equipped with a read along feature where the story will be highlighted word for word with audio to match. To help further the message of each story, Snoozy Stories provides talking points for carers alongside colouring activities to keep children focused when learning. The website’s aim is to provide a resource that enables children to navigate and celebrate difference for the better.

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